How I Proposed To My Fiancé (video included!)

“And how’d you propose to your fiancé?”

So every season, my parents ask us to go to the top of this mountain and take a photo of them holding a sign with the year on it so they can make a scrap book out of each season, each year.

This is also our favorite little spot to have some wine, get some fresh air, and just straight up kick it with nature.

Before I go on with this story, can I just tell you guys that Kalie was a legit…


Reason being…I typically film and edit all of my videos. On this day, I asked her to take some video footage of us going up the mountain, the view at the top, and eventually zoom in on my parents house once they came out front with their sign.

So she had no idea why SHE had to film this stuff…and apparently that shit is annoying and causes her to get a bit pissy…

God damn princess.

So anyways, I called my parents from the mountain and told them we made it to “the spot”. They brought out a different sign and that’s when I told Kalie to slowly zoom in (while the camera was recording!) and when she saw the sign that said…


There I was…on one knee….doin’ my thang like a boss!!

This is a moment we’ll always remember and a spot that has a lot of meaning to us and our future!


Things That ALMOST Went Wrong:

  1. I couldn’t find a card board sign big enough to write the words “Turn Around” on it. Kalie was “bitching” about me buying two spray can bottles instead of one – I wasn’t taking any chances!
  2. My father made the sign while we were going up the mountain and calls me to say “Yeah, I had to spray paint it on something else instead and almost didn’t have enough room”. God dammit, Dad!
  3. The four wheeler almost didn’t start.
  4. There were trees down all over the path and huge mud pits that we almost got stuck in because it stormed like a bastard the night before.
  5. Kalie was annoyed as hell and asking tons of “bull-headed” questions about why she had to be the one doing the video recording when I was clearly right there.
  6. She almost zoomed in while I was setting up a “hidden camera”, but couldn’t see the words because the sun was in her eye.

Things That Went Right:

  1. She said, “yes”.
  2. We crushed a lot of wine.



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