What Being An Entrepreneur Taught Me

I strongly believe that one day (very soon) everyone will be a home-based business owner or entrepreneur of some sort. Whether it’s with fitness, fashion, beauty products, or simply any skill that you can monetize…that shit is trending and more and more people are realizing their potential of being an entrepreneur.

Top 5 Things Being An Entrepreneur Taught Me

1. This is on YOU.

Seriously, dude…if you succeed, it’s because of you. If you fail, it’s because of you. Neither your success or failure is a result of someone else. Engrain that shit into your head right now because I’ve met so many people who say, “Trey, can you take me under your wing and mentor me because my current sponsor doesn’t motivate me, doesn’t help me“..yada yada yada!

First off, no. If you can’t light a fire under your own ass, why would someone else spend their valuable time and energy trying to light it for you? I won’t and neither will they.

Example: See if you can find the difference in these two sentences.

  • I will help you build your business.
  • I will help. You build your business.

Exactly. Swallow your excuses and get to work. Your success or failure as an entrepreneur is solely dependent on you.

2. Time seriously is money. #cha-ching

How many times have you heard that? Time is Money. I use to hear that all the time and immediately respond with a “Oh god, fuck off!” But it’s true.

For one, you have a shit ton of time during the day. When people say they don’t have enough time, my first instinct is to laugh, and my second instinct is to smash their face in with a shovel.

“But what about when you have kids? What about my Walking Dead episodes? What if my spouse hates when I need an hour on the computer?”

Okay, so your TV episodes…do they make you money? Do they add value to YOU? More importantly, do they align with your goals?

Because if they do…binge away. But I’m 99% sure that they don’t so you need to PRIORITIZE what’s important to you and what activities are going to accelerate shit getting done. If you have children, great! Rock out being a parent and when they go to bed, rock out your business. Do NOT multitask! And if your spouse can’t handle you being on the computer for an hour doing something that’s meaningful to you…well, your spouse is a dick.

Lastly, focus on TIME MANAGEMENT and the activities that bring you money. I took one for the team and learned the hard way that every single fucking Facebook notification and message can wait. I spent every waking moment on my phone instead of realizing that it would all be there when my “office hours” were open. Moral of the story? You have far more time than you think you do.

Also, another tip from a dude who knows: making videos and editing them is great, but it’s time consuming and you can pay someone from the Philippines to edit something better for you for $3.00/hr. Outsource the bullshit you don’t have time for by hiring someone else to do it at UpWork.com. Your time is of value!

3. Social Media is fucking awesome.

Seriously…if you run a “brick and mortar” business, I hope you have that shit on social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – I’ve made 95% of my business using these three social media platforms…and that’s fucking crazy to me.

Local business owners or people who think you don’t know enough people to get started – listen the fuck up on this advice.

You no longer need a Graduate’s Degree or the most experience on your resumé in order to draw the right people to you. You just post decent photos with a great story behind it and you have people asking for more information from all across the world.

I also strongly recommend that you purchase “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook” by Gary Vaynerchuk so you don’t act like a salesy bitch online. You can learn exactly how crafting a good post can bring a kickass return on investment (which, mind you…posting on social media doesn’t cost you a fucking dime).

If you’re looking for more advice on how to start/run your business using social media, I suggest you tune into our Podcasts each week.

4. Invest in Yourself.

You are your business. Your business is you. If you aren’t invested in growing yourself, you’re not invested in the growth of your business. I don’t mean you need to disappear to a mosque in the himalayas for a year… I’m talking about picking up a fucking book. Listen to a podcast on self-development. Show you give a shit by taking care of yourself and working out every day. And for Christ’s sake… if your organization holds live events… get your ass in the front row.

How many times have you said (or heard people say), “I can’t make it this year, but next year…I’m going to that event!”


No they aren’t. Next year they’ll have the same exact excuse as they did this year.

Do whatever it takes. Better yet, get in front of speakers like Tony Robbins, Dave Ramsey, or Eric Worre. You’re going to come out of ANY live event on fire with shitloads of knowledge and the money you spent (hotels, food, booze, event ticket) will be 1.) a tax write-off 2.) make you immediate income and residual income as you continue to grow.

Tip of advice – if you have team members who “can’t make time” to invest in themselves, go back to #1 and understand that deciding to create success is on THEM, not you.

“You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.”

5. You can achieve some major fucking things.

I have realized, without a doubt, you can accomplish any thing out there because you’re an entrepreneur.

“How so?”

Dude, you started with nothing. NOTHING! Not one god damn thing. No money, no credentials, no skills. And now you have customers who love your product, you know how to market a sick website that YOU made and get them to the top of Google’s search engines, and you know how to motivate your team to believe in themselves and be more productive…pretty bad ass.

But, most importantly…

You know that SKILLS ARE LEARNABLE. You know what it means to hustle and improve. You know the amount of hard work and dedication it takes to be successful with any job because every day you’re up grinding your ass off to work your dream and your future… instead of some other asshole’s.

And you can gladly write that shit on your resumé.

Cheers, entrepreneurs!


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