Overcoming Obstacles

Overcoming Obstacles

What’s up guys? It’s Trey here! I’m stuck here in a hotel room for the next four days because of the huge, god damn snow storm that’s happening on the entire East coast. So, I figured…you know what I’m going to make this mess my message.


So about two months ago, we started this new fitness program called “Hammer & Chisel” and we were like “ape shit excited” about how this program is because it’s all about power-lifting and getting dudes big. And, I don’t know if you can tell…but, I am clearly lacking in that area!

So when this program came out, it was a done deal…we’re going to get awesome results and we’re going to record every damn day of it.

We had videos going, people were so excited to hear about it, the workout program is amazing…we were just pumped about it, okay?

Now not even a week later, I get an email. This is an email I’ve been waiting for 3 years as a Beachbody Coach. So when I opened it, it said..


So I read into it a little bit more and thought, “Okay, this is Beachbody sending it out to everybody.” I asked my fiance, Kalie, if she got this email and she said no.

I was like…“OOOOH!!!”

No really, on the outside, I was like “Okay..pretty cool.
On the inside…*lots of excitement*

So basically what it said, “you’ve been selected to be in this Coach Test Group to try Tony Horton’s new program to get results and show the network and everyone what you can get for results using this program.
So this opportunity…well, it will just never happen again..ever! I would be an asshole to say no to this! The first week we started, I was on vacation in St. Maarten and I don’t know if you’ve ever been on vacation..

We drink, we eat, and we drink some more.

So that was a test.
I couldn’t drink. It was the hardest god damn thing ever done in my life I like to drink. I’m a Beachbody Coach and I like to have fun. And I don’t know if you know anything about these laptops, but for some god damn reason, Apple said they don’t need cd-roms anymore.

It’s 2016 bitches, we don’t need that shit in our lives!

So I had to buy an external hard drive just so I could do a 22 minute workout and just keep accountable. On vacation, I didn’t drink, still stuck with the meal plan, still stuck with all the workouts.

And guys, I’m not going to lie to you..seeing some awesome results.

Now let’s fast forward to today, which is like 2 weeks after coming back from vacation.
We’re down here in L.A. Same thing – brought laptop, external hard drive, busting out the workouts, following the meal plan, everything’s going real good!

And then Mother Nature takes a big, massive dump on me on my face…

and said, “No Trey. I’m gonna snow for like 5 days straight..I’m not going to let any god damn transportation come into the East Coast of the country. You’re staying there bro!
This is the most expensive place to be trapped in because I spent $34 dollars on two bananas and one egg. And if you think I’m exaggerating, I’ll slap you. I’ll slap you because I’m dead serious – $34 for two damn bananas and an egg!
What the hell L.A.? Is it like a scarcity of eggs here? Are you trying to import that shit from Japan?
So I’m stuck here. I have another road block. Some asshole is testing me saying,
Can you do this, dude? You sure you can handle this? This is something that most Coaches want to get into..you sure you can handle it…you sure you can handle this pressure?

So if that dude is listening right now..you can kiss my white ass bro.

I’m going to continue doing the workouts. I’m going to walk to the grocery store and buy $2 eggs from America. And at the end of these 8 weeks, I’m going to be happier than a pig in shit because I said that I’ve been tested to not one, not two road blocks through this journey, and I’m going to show people that shit happens in your life…and you just overcome it.

So that’s it guys! I have plenty of time here for the next 4 days. Just chillin out. I’m gonna go site see California – no doubt about it. And if you guys have any questions about this program when it gets released on March 1, 2016. Go into the description of this video, find my email, and shoot me an email.
When this bad boy launches, we’re going to have a huge Test Group for the team and for anyone else who wants to try this program. I will talk to you guys later! Peace!

Stuck in Los Angeles :)
Stuck in Los Angeles 🙂

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