Why Beachbody Coaches Are Quitting!

Why Beachbody Coaches Are Quitting!

Hey guys, It’s Trey here! Today I want to talk to you about why Beachbody Coaches sign up and why they fall off 2, 3, or 6 months down the road.

Drop that intro!

Okay, so lets take it back to when you were feeling like garbage about yourself. You were looking for help to lose weight and wanted feel damn good about your life again.

So you decided to order your workout program & Shakeology.

After sweating your ass off and following the meal plan for a few weeks, you started feeling pretty damn good about yourself and loving your results.

That’ll happen.

So you thought “This is awesome – I could totally help people get through their workout program the way I did and continue to work on myself…and start a Beachbody business!” 🙂

Okay…I’ll be honest. You don’t need to start a business to help people so why are you starting a business?

Here are the top answers of why people become a Beachbody Coach;

  1. Money
  2. Travel
  3. Spend more time with your family
  4. Freedom to be your own boss.

Alright, now we have something to start with…and please know that there is nothing wrong with wanting to make extra money or wanting the freedom to be at home with your kids. But, here is where people tend to fall off…

The lottery mindset.

When we don’t see immediate results…money, travel, more time with the kids, not able to leave our jobs and work from home…we quit.

We quit and forget about why all this started in the first place.

This started because someone, like you, needed help.

We need to lead with the purpose of helping people.

When you see distributors saying “Earn $500 your first week!” “Wanna make $32K a month in your second year just using Facebook?

…what are they leading with?


And that makes what we do look like shit. That’s why we MUST lead with the purpose of helping people first. How do Beachbody Coaches become successful?

  • First month, help 3 people.
  • Second month, help 3 people
  • Third month, help 3 people.

Ya get what I’m throwing down?

It’s like a workout..you won’t see results immediately or just doing all 7 workouts in 1 day. You show up every day, pushing play on your workout, following your plan & drinking your shake.

That’s when you see results.

When you put HELPING PEOPLE FIRST, that’s when the money starts coming in…you’re able to travel more…you’re able to work from home and not take time off work to go to your kid’s basketball game, and so on.

So tell me…it’s a new month..a fresh start…!

Comment below if you’re going to lead with a purpose and help 3 people this month with some bad ass results!

Thank you guys for watching – PEACE!

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