The Advantage of Being a Male Beachbody Coach

The Advantage of Being a Male Beachbody Coach

What’s up guys! My name is Trey and in this video, I want to speak to the men and talk about the advantages we have over the ladies in this business.

..because it’s frightening what a set of nuts can do in this business.

First off let me take you back to the days when I thought this Beachbody Coaching was a crock of sh*t. Yup, I’ll say it. I thought it was a bunch of nonsense that my girlfriend was trying to get me to do.

This is a scam, babe!  Look…it says downline…aka Pyramid Scheme…meaning only people at the top make money. And Shakeology…I could fart dense nutrition into a bag and sell it in an overpriced bag too.

Guys, she talked me into it…under ONE condition.

I’m not selling anything. I’ll do it for 2 months max just to help you out.

No videos, no selfies, nothing. And that’s it.

That same weekend, she dragged me to an event called “Super Saturday”. When we opened the doors, women everywhere. Dancing, jumping around, high pitched voices.

I was livid. I was so pissed off.

I was so pissed off until they played a video from a Coach named Scottie Hobbs. Finally, some testosterone I could relate to. He said some sh*t that really hit home with me. Prior to Beachbody Coaching, he was broke as hell, working a job he hated, not able to see his wife or kids, and going through some real hell in his life.

And there’s me…

Working a job to support two people, not able to afford a vacation, who am I kidding, I couldn’t even keep up with our bills. The same bills my college education was suppose to help pay for.

How much of a man am I?

Can’t even support myself or Kalie. So, I made a choice and decided to give this Beachbody Coaching a shot. 

  • Did I like getting sh*t from my coworkers about drinking Shakeology? No.
  • Did I like people from my hometown talking smack behind my back? No.
  • Did I like people calling it a scam? No.
  • Did I like getting a formal write up when I couldn’t call into work when I was sick because I didn’t have enough money to keep the phone on or the internet running? No.

So I can handle people’s bullshit..

if it means our life will be different down the road. At this point, I’ll take a selfie of sweat dripping down the crack of my ass if it helps motivate someone. Now let’s talk about the advantages we have over these women.

1. We stand out.

All of these ladies are trying to get heard in this noisy world trying to figure out how to be different from this coach and that coach. Guess who immediately stands out, saying business is open?

Men do.

2. Who do women primarily work with? Women.

Who do men work with in this business? Both men and women. And before anyone gets pissed off over this generalization,this is based of my experience and the male Coaches I’ve talked to.

3. Here’s the last one and the MOST SENSITIVE ONE OF ALL.

Seriously, the will probably cause some serious hate mail. When you’re a male Beachbody Coach, you captivate and draw in other guys. It’s sooooooo much easier to tell a guy to get his head out of his ass than to even think about saying that to a woman.

No for real! Ladies, I love ya…I love the success you’re paving.

But it’s awesome that I can tell a guy, whether it’s with his Coaching business or with his fitness results, that he’s self-sabotaging his own success.

But tailoring that message to a woman….No.

So guys, I can understand exactly where you’re coming from on all of this. But there are some OG’s in the business that are showing how we do sh*t differently and how we get it done.

This where I was. This is what I’ve found.

If you want more information, sign up for my personal Coaching mentorship, by going to the link in the description below. Fill out that form and we’ll have a chat over a glass of whiskey.

Thank you guys for watching! PEACE!

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