Why People Don’t Want To Become Beachbody Coaches!

Why People Don’t Want To Be Beachbody Coaches!

I’m 100% positive you can relate to this message.

The majority of people that I talk to say that they love the idea behind Beachbody Coaching; helping people stay accountable with fitness and nutrition and making extra money from home just by helping people…

By why in the f*ck do Beachbody Coaches sound salesy?!

What a great question! And it’s because they weren’t trained properly. Some Coaches believe they have to be a good salesman to be a Coach. That’s not how I roll.

I’m a sh*tty salesman, guys.

Seriously. The reason Top Coaches stand out more isn’t because we can sell. It’s because we can relate. We aren’t fitness professionals. We aren’t nutrition experts. We’re simply people who have been in your shoes and who found something that worked for us and so we share it.

I’ve been a Coach for almost 3 years now and all that I do is share my journey through a Beachbody program (what I like & what I don’t like) and I help people each month get results with their Beachbody program.

If you’ve considered becoming a Beachbody Coach and want to get into my Coaching Mentorship Training, fill out the application below.

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