22 Minute Hard Corps Results

22 Minute Hard Corps Test Group!

What’s up guys!

My name is Trey and I was selected to be in the “Coach Test Group” for this new workout program that’s being launched in March of 2016 called 22 Minute Hard Corps™ by elite trainer Tony Horton.

What is 22 Minute Hard Corps™?

To join this exclusive Test Group..

I will be selecting 15 people to do this with me side-by-side. It will take place in a private online Facebook group and we will be accountability partners for the entire 8 weeks of the program.

Who am I looking for?

• Busy people without a lot of time to spend at the gym working out.
• Former members of the military, who want to get back to the fitness level they had when they were in the service.
• Anyone looking for a “no-frills” workout that gets results without requiring them to learn a lot of complex moves.
• Fans of Tony Horton and other time-saving Beachbody workouts like FOCUS T25 and P90X3.

Requirements to join:

1. I must be your free beachbody coach. If I am not yet, please do that using this link now:
2. You must order the 22 Minute Hard Corps Challenge Pack. It will be on sale for March at a special release price.
3. You check into our Facebook group daily. (nothing crazy, a few minutes)
4. You must be 100% committed!!
If you agree to these FOUR requirements please APPLY using the FORM at the bottom of this post. If for some reason it does not work for you – contact me here and let me know you are interested in the 22 MINUTE HARD CORPS Test Group!



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