A Special Tribute to the Haters

A Special Tribute to the Haters

I don’t know why, but man…I’ve been getting peppered with a sh*t ton of haters lately. They always say that the more success you have, the more bullsh*t drama you’re going to deal with.

It’s about to get worse!

I don’t know why or if it’s because Spring is in the air, but the past few comments on here where about how I dressed and how I looked!

I’m not making this up.

They said I looked like a homeless piece of shit – a hobo and a f*cking c*nt.

I don’t know if it’s the long hair, the beard, or what it is…but apparently people think you need to be some dapper, cute as f*ck person who’s nothing but perfect these days?

Do you?

Do you have to good looking to be successful? And do you have to give a sh*t what people think of you?

If so, that’s not what I’m about and that’s one huge reason I started a business from home.

If I want to grow my hair out, I’m gonna grow it. If I want to have tattoos all up and down my arms, I’m gonna get them! And if I want to talk and dress just how the f*ck I want to dress and talk, I’m going do it.

So some advice for fellow entrepreneurs and home based business owners…

  1. You do not need to give a shit what people think of you.
  2. You just need to be yourself.
  3. Be authentic and be unapologetic.

When you are yourself, you attract people who are exactly like you. If you’re being fake, or trying to echo someone else…Well, you’re going to bring in the wrong people.

I like working with the people who are exactly like me & who get me.

So for the haters that are probably going to comment below and continue to chap my ass, this is what I’m going to do..

Since it’s Sunday night…I’m going to get a good night’s rest. I’m going to wake up around 5-5:30AM and take a massive dump. I’m going to have coffee on the porch with my fiancé. Do a quick workout + have some breakfast and then I’m gonna return some emails from people who want help with fitness or starting their own fitness business from home.

And then I’m going to close my laptop + I’m going to take my dog on an adventure.

Maybe on the four wheeler, maybe a hike, or maybe on the boat.

Haha, I’m really not sure. But what I do know is…if I look like “hobo… Then I’m a hobo-lookin’ guy who’s not stuck in f*ckin’ cubicle, commenting on people’s YouTube videos while at work all day.

Suck on those nuts!

Now if you’re someone who can relate to being limited what you really want to do in life, click on CONTACT.

Fill out that form & we’ll set up a time to hear about what you’re really passionate about doing. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, PEACE!

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