How I Present the Coaching Business Opportunity

What’s up guys! My name is Trey and in this video, I want to go over how I present the Coaching Business Opportunity to people.

I know a lot of people freak out and don’t want to come off as an annoying salesperson so my advice for that is…don’t.

I know you see it all over social media..



God damn, that’s annoying.

That’s not what Beachbody is about + that’s not what my team is about.

So how do we present the business opportunity to people? Simple. Ready? Use this script.

“Hey…how’s it going?”

Yeah, that’s how it starts…have a conversation with people. Talk with them. Engage with them. Shoot the sh*t with them! Be interested in what they have to say, not flood them with all about you.

I use the acronym F.O.R.M.

When I’m talking with people, I’m looking to see if there’s something I can offer for a solution because I believe Beachbody Coaching can solve a lot more problems than just staying fit.

  • F is for Family.

Hey man, how the’s family doing lately? How’s the wife? How’s the kid? I see you just had a new baby – she’s beautiful as f*ck!

  • O is for Occupation

Where you working these days? How ya liking it? What don’t you like about it?

  • R is for Recreation

I see you’re out in Colorado. What do you do for fun out there? You hike? Bike? Check out the local breweries? How ya liking it there?

Again, you’re just shooting the sh*t with people + building a relationship with them.

Now you’re probably asking yourself, “But Trey, how does this apply?

When you’re talking about their Family, their Occupation, and what they do for’re looking to see if what we do could benefit them and their life. So for example…maybe they said…

Dude, I work like 60 hours a week and I barely get to see my newborn kid. We haven’t been able to go hiking or biking in the Colorado trails because I work so much.

Uhhh hello, don’t you feel like I can relate to that?

Don’t you think I have an opportunity to help this guy out? Damn straight I do.

I use to work my ass off at a job, on call for 24/7, and I was miserable. That’s when I came across Beachbody Coaching.

  • So now, I’m going to deliver the M – message.

Hey man, I appreciate catching up with you and the last thing I want to do is come across as some salesy asshole. I couldn’t help but notice you said you have a newborn kid and wish you didn’t work so much so you could spend time with your family and hit the trails again. I don’t know if this is for you, but have you ever considered doing what I do as a Coach to create more time and freedom for yourself?

Am I being salesy? Am I being annoying?


I have an opportunity for this guy + you’re damn right I’m going to ask him if he’s ever considered it. It would be a disservice of me not to ask when I can totally relate to him.

It’s not your choice whether or not someone should hear about this opportunity. Ask them if they’ve considered it + let them decide for themselves.

If they say no, screw it…But don’t sit there knowing how much your life has changed from Coaching and be too afraid to ask people.

Muster up the balls + show people how awesome this is.

That’s how I present the business opportunity to people. Now, I’m going to ask. If you’ve been sitting on this for a while, watching video after video, wondering if this is for you..

Read up on the information I post about here!

Shoot me a message & we’ll set up a time to talk about your goals.

Thank you guys for watching…peace!!

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