My Biggest “Oh Sh*t!” Moment

This morning I woke up + shot out of bed like I had a muscle cramp in the back of my ass…except, this was no ass cramp…

I remembered that TODAY was an anniversary…

Not a lot of people know this, but 3 years ago I was taking the New York State exams to become a Corrections Officer and was passing time at my current job as I waited for “my call” to get accepted.
While I was waiting, I found a hobby that allowed me to help people all over the U.S. and Canada with fitness. I actually became obsessed with it because…well, simply put… it’s ridiculously f*cking bad ass to have the ability to help change someone’s life.

Seriously, I felt like I was a bearded Oprah. 🙂

I was addicted. And to be honest…I was really good at it.
I can’t remember the last time I felt like I had a calling + a purpose to help people this way. I helped a father, who had lost all hope, lose over 80 lbs so he can have the energy and the f*cking ability to play with his kids again.
Hell yes…I will GLADLY keep doing this.
And that’s when my phone rang and a voice said, “Trey, you have 2 weeks to accept this position and begin your 6 week training as a NYS Corrections Officer. We look forward to hearing from you.” *click*

Shit!!!! I was faced with two decisions…

Do I want to be surrounded in a place that…to my left, this guy could be here because he just raped a 12 year old girl…and to my right, this guy could be here for murder? Do I really want to be in that kind of environment…for the next 20 years of my life??
Or… do I want to take a monster gamble with my life, with something that most people roll their eyes about because it’s not “traditional” employment, something that seems less secure and less sexy…
Hi. I’m a Beachbody Coach!” <—- yeah, real f*cking sexy.
MUCH respect to law enforcement, but I couldn’t do what you guys do.
And so, I declined the position.
Today, I wake up next to my beautiful fiancé and a Boxer dog who hogs the entire bed. I continue to help people who seek my help with fitness and teach them how to prep healthy meals for themselves and their families. Today, I mentor the baddest f*cking team of Coaches in Beachbody, people who are EXACTLY like me, who embrace the “untraditional”, and yes… what we do is incredibly sexy.
Today, we celebrate.
Today, we rage.
Cheers to another three years!
If you’re someone who can relate to this message…
You’re between the ages of 28-32.
Male or Female, I don’t care. I work well with both, but I don’t deal with drama.
You workout regularly + understand the true meaning of hard work…
Not just “being busy”, but you’re productive. You hear instructions and you get to work.
You don’t make excuses. You don’t blame outside resources for sh*t.
And you’re tired of being over worked and underpaid…


Beachbody Coaching Success Story

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