Why Are You So Afraid To SELL?! [No Bullsh*t Edition]

What’s up guys! I want to talk about how people are scared sh*tless of the word, “sell”.
Oh, but I don’t want to be pushy.
I don’t want to be salesy.
I’m not a good salesman or I don’t know a lot of people!
Okay, so let’s push all the bullsh*t to the side.


Yeah, that’s right…I sell.
I sell some of the best sh*t you can find and I am so damn proud to sell it.
I’m not selling you meth or crack.
I’m not selling you jacked watches or prostituting my body.
I’m selling you an alternative and simply showing you that the sh*t you’re doing now, isn’t working. I’m selling you a healthier lifestyle. When I sell to you, what you get in the package..will work for you when you work for it.
If you’re a Coach, you’ve been sold to.
And what happened?
You pushed play on your workouts. You drank Shakeology. You followed the meal plan.
You were a proof of the product.

And that sh*t changed your life in some way.

So why are you afraid to sell something that could save someone’s life? You sell way more than weight loss or a bag of powder. Why would I be afraid to tell someone about the Coaching opportunity when I know damn well how much this has changed my life and Kalie’s life?
I’ll ask everyone I know and not give two sh*ts because I’m proud of the product.
  • Selling has allowed me to help a father lose 80 lbs to play with his kids again.
  • Selling has allowed me to help women feel sexy again. Regain their confidence.
  • Selling has allowed me to help parents who wanted to work at home and create more time with their kids.
  • Selling has allowed me to do a lot of sh*t I probably would have ever done.

Own it. Ignore the naysayers. Find your tribe of people who are positive and set big ass goals in life. Decide to do it, be proud of it, and have fun with it.

If you’re someone who’s proof the the product + you’re damn proud of what Beachbody stands for and you have big ass goals to hit in life, I want you to fill out the form below.
Fill that bad boy out and we’ll set up a time to figure out if you’re a great fit for our culture, mission, and vision.

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