3 Tips for Creating a F*ck Yeah Life

How to Create more Money

3 Tips for Creating a F*ck Yeah Life

1. Decide to go all in.

There’s no “perfect time” when the moment is just right. You’ll never know everything you need to know before getting started. You just start and then learn what works and what doesn’t. I recommend hammering in what works the very second you’ve had a glimpse of it. So when do you go all in? Five f*cking minutes ago. Go all in right now.

2. Hustle your ass off.

The biggest asset you have is your work ethic. It’s not what you know about building websites, SEO, or video editing. It’s the amount of sweat you grind out every god damn day. Find your passion and work harder at it because this is 0% luck and 100% hustle.

3. Never stop grinding.

Too many people stop learning. Too many people give up or settle for security and comfort in their life. F*ck that. You should always be evolving and being teachable. You should never settle for mediocrity because you have one life to live…you really want sit in a f*cking cubicle all day for 50 weeks out of the year just so you can enjoy the 2 weeks you get for vacation? You wanna settle where you’re at now because some prick gave you sh*t about your hustle because they’re pissed at their life because their dad didn’t show them how to shoot a basketball in the 3rd grade? Screw that. Never stop grinding.

These are my three tips to creating a f*ck yeah life. Go all in, hustle your ass off, and never stop in your pursuit of success.

That’s the wining combination.
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