The Struggle is REAL [Entrepreneur Talk]

The Struggle is REAL [Entrepreneur Talk]

I won’t lie, my mindset has been f*cked when it comes to being a good leader lately…

  • Feeling inadequate.
  • Short fused.
  • And questioning my ability to inspire others to take action.

So that’s why I reached for this book today, one I received from our Coach Amanda Wilcox, when I first started as a Coach.

It was pretty cool what happened next…

The Struggle is REAL [Entrepreneur Talk]

I have a habit of writing my goals all over my workspace so that I see them and always am reminded of the big picture.

This bookmark fell out and I sat down to be reminded of a time when I was trying to live my life off $300/week. All that I wanted.. was to build a business where I could have a bit of financial security.

I knew if I could make $1,000/week with this business, I could make $10,000/week with this business. Even though it seemed light years away at the time, that was my big picture.

And so I smiled to myself when I saw this.

I was reminded that despite my frustrations, every day that I choose not to give up…I move forward.

I was reminded that if I keep showing up, two years from now I will have smashed the goals I have today…

…just like I smashed this one from two years ago.

For other leaders out there, ones who can relate to this…I hope you continue to show up daily, grind your ass off, and simply stay the course. 👊


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