Why 85% of Americans are pissed off…

85% of Americans are unhappy..

I just read that 85% of Americans are UNHAPPY at their job.

And that brought me back to these exact feelings…

Showing up at work like a zombie on autopilot, ready to hear a bitch storm of complaints from coworkers, doing shit that didn’t really matter to me (..they mattered to someone, but not me), attending meetings aka drawing my name in bubble fonts, and then clocking out after a solid 8 hours of work to go home and open up a bottle of booze.

Yay. 4 more days until the weekend. 4 more… fucking days.

And you know what guys…I won’t lie…an opportunity landed in my lap. I thought it was complete bullshit. I thought there’s no fucking way that your life can be completely flipped upside down in 2-3-4 years for the better. I remember how pissed off I was that some lucky bastard “got in at the right time” and got all rich and shit while I was sitting home on this smelly ass couch in our 1 bedroom apartment and eating “buttered fish”….yeah, that’s fucking fish with a slab of butter on it because that’s all I could afford.

So my fiancé and I just said, “fuck it.”

Now, I’m not saying every person started this way and I’m definitely not saying everyone has success with it this way. All I can tell you is what we did to make it work.

  1. We stopped pointing fingers at everyone else for our problems and we faced them head on. Life sucked. What were we going to do to fix it?
  2. We tested the workout programs and the supplements to see if they actually worked. They sure as shit did.
  3. We posted about our every day process like it was a god damn e-diary. We didn’t bullshit – we simply said what we liked and what we didn’t like. Every day.
  4. We didn’t care who thought we were full of shit. We simply cared about those who wanted our help…and so we helped them. We also stuck our faces into trainings, webinars, and anything we could learn from with how to build a fitness business with Beachbody.
  5. We did these few steps over and over and over and over again. We got real fucking good at doing them because it was rinse + repeat.

After doing these steps after 8 months, I was able to leave that job that I hated so god damn much. The same job that 85% of Americans can relate to. Still to this day, I wake up and I repeat these same steps over and over again…and we teach people just like us who just fucking have had enough of the zombie lifestyle and want more to life. It’s been a pretty awesome feeling helping them get closer every day. 🙂

So I don’t know if what I do is for you, because I didn’t know this was for me either. But what I do know is…I’m no longer living like 85% of Americans and I hope you can consider THIS an opportunity landing in YOUR lap as well.

If you do, email me at coachtreybearor@gmail.com with the subject “Fuck being 85%” and we’ll see if this is right for you.

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