How to be the BEST at Selling!! #Sales101

What’s up guys! My name is Trey and in this video I want to go over how you can be the best at selling as a Beachbody Coach!
If you can apply these simple practices, you can sell anything.
I’m talking like…you can be out on the first date and she’s ready to have your babies
You get the idea. So, let’s get started!
Okay, this morning I was on the phone with a complete stranger. Someone who stumbled across my videos on YouTube and so she emailed me for more info about Beachbody Coaching.
At this point, I could have spilled everything about what I do every day as a Coach. I could teach her the compensation plan. I could teach her the workout programs. All of the ingredients about Shakeology.

But let’s be honest…no one gives a fuck about what you know.

Step 1. Start all of your conversations with finding a connection immediately.

For the first five minutes, don’t even talk about Beachbody.
Where are they from?  What do they work? Do they have family?
Get them talking…and here’s the kicker…
Ya gotta be fucking interested in what they say.
Don’t script it. Talk with them.
Ask them questions that have to do with them.

Step 2. Ask them “What makes you interested in Beachbody Coaching?”

(or…”what makes you interested in losing weight?”)
This is where they’re going to tell you exactly what it is.
I want to help people. I want to make an extra income.
I want to be my own boss. I want to get in better shape.


Step 3. Ask them why – why is that important to them?

Why do you want to help people. What would you do with the extra income?
What don’t you like about your current job?

Step 4: Writing down everything they’re saying! Everything.

So here it is…this is what she told me…
So she’s in the Navy. Husband is in the Army.
She wants to make enough money to leave the military,
and be home with her kids instead of gone for months at a time on a boat.
She wants to drop 40 lbs and struggles with eating, but needs the inspiration.

Step 5: Continue asking questions!

What workouts has she tried in the past: Hip Hop Abs
Why did she like that? Was the enough time to work out? 
She’s a busy mom, how much time does she have to workout?
She have enough time to workout?
Guys the point is…stop puking Beachbody on people when they want to lose weight or want information on becoming a Beachbody Coach.
I see a lot of people recommending shit without getting to know what they need first.

I’ll leave you with two examples.

Scenario #1:
You’re going to a store to buy a refrigerator.
As soon as you walk in the door, sales rep says “What brings you in here today?
And you’re like “awww son of a bitch..
You say you need a refrigerator and he says “We have tons of great sales on fridges today..
here’s one that has a water filter in the front, stainless steel, low energy,” and so on.
And then they just stand there making you feel awkward…
Scenario #2
You’re going to a store to buy a refrigerator.
As soon as you walk in the door, sales rep says “What brings you in here today?
And you’re like “awww son of a bitch..

You say you need a refrigerator and he says, “Okay, do you have a big family?

And you’re like…yeah?
Awesome, do you cook a lot of your meals at home so you’d need a lot of storage?
Do you buy a lot of frozen or fresh groceries?
What problems were you having with your past fridge?
What features stuck out to you?
Basically…this salesman wants to know more about their lifestyle so that he can make a recommendation based on their needs. Not just trying to swipe their card.

Step 6:

Now you have a list of everything they need. Recommend with confidence.
I wanted to thank you for going into your story and sharing everything with me.
Based on what you said, I would personally recommend X,Y,Z, because of….
– list out everything they said.
And noticed I said, recommend with confidence.


If you’re trapped in a house that’s on fire and a firefighter comes in saying
Okay, house is on fire uhhh we could try going upstairs and out your son’s room.
We might be able to go down to the cellar if you guys are down?
No. You want a firefighter who kicks the fucking down down and says,
Everyone shut the fuck up. I’m going to get you out of this house right now. Let’s go.
Recommend with confidence…the programs work. Coaching works.
Again, this is how you become the BEST at selling.
Find the connections. Ask Questions. Ask More Questions. Write it all down.
Recommend with confidence.
Thank you guys for watching! Give me the thumbs up on this video.
You guys have a great day, Peace!!!

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