How to Stay Motivated as a Beachbody Coach

What’s up guys! my name is Trey and in this video I’m going to go over three baller tips to help you stay motivated as a Beachbody Coach.

I get it. Trust me, people tell me “no” a lot too.

People tell me they don’t have time, that they’re stuck between to hard rocks…or some shit. The key is… to have a daily dose of kicking your own ass, by lighting a fire every day,
and at the end of this video…I want you to tell me if a bonfire is lit under your ass.

 First thing’s first..

There’s employee mindset and there’s entrepreneur mindset.
Your whole life you’ve been brought up as an employee.
  • Go to school every day, work hard, get to diploma.
  • Go to college every day, work hard, get diploma.
  • Go to work every day, work hard, get paid.
  • Do that shit for 40 years, retire, start enjoying your life at 65.
Now let’s talk entrepreneur mindset.
  • You create content, workout, answer emails/messages, don’t get paid?
  • You show up the next day, create content, workout, answer emails/message, don’t get paid.


  • You show up again, creating content, working out, and still answering messages and still not getting paid.
What’s the problem?
The difference is…you work your ass off with very little to show in the beginning.  Eventually…like a plane taking off…you start to gain momentum and eventually…you take off.

Keep showing up.

Secondly, we always tell people that this isn’t a “get-rich quick” scheme, that you won’t get rich overnight…So why you bitching if you aren’t making bank your first 6-7 months?
You have to continue to show up daily and show people that you aren’t going anywhere no matter what they think
Which brings me to my third tip….show that clip!
Now these are my three tips to help you stay motivated as a Beachbody Coach.
  1. Show up daily because this is what you love to do. It will pay off as long as you’re consistent.
  2. This isn’t a get rich scheme so don’t bitch if you aren’t a millionaire in your first 3 months.
  3. …..this guy.
If you’ve enjoyed this video, please make sure you give me a thumbs up and make sure you fill out your information below if you’d like more information on becoming a Beachbody Coach!
You guys have a great day, peace!

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