About Trey

My name is Trey and I’m a fitness dude.

I felt “stuck” with my 9-5 job, watching my relationship go to shit, and drowning further into debt with my life and wondering how we could get ahead. I was tired of working a full-time gig for someone else, after spending all of my time and money (that I didn’t have) towards a bachelor’s degree because society says you’ll have a great job and nice white picket fence after college.


Pretty sure you can relate too…

I had no idea where my life was headed.

I was on autopilot.

Until I realized… I’m the only person that can control of my life. I need to suck it up and drop the bullsh*t excuses and simply get to work.

That’s where fitness enters the picture.

workouts from home

I started working out regularly with my girlfriend. It wasn’t fun at first. But it got better. You can read how fitness has changed our relationship more in depth, but those 45 minutes of working out at home is what changed my entire life.

This just started as a hobby to get back in shape…that’s it.

Which led to a new passion for helping people become more physically fit.  And fast forward 3 years… dude, I help people online throughout the United States and Canada to live a healthier, more fulfilling life with fitness.

…that’s pretty bad ass.


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