Becoming A Coach – FAQ

How Does Beachbody Coaching Work?

The way that coaching works is actually REALLY simple.

The very CORE of what we do is running monthly fitness groups for our coaches and customers in a private Facebook group. All different ages, sizes, genders, backgrounds and Beachbody programs.

And we do it TOGETHER as a team.

As we start to become proof that the products work, our lives become a testimony.

We share our progress on social media.

By sharing your story on social media, you’re showing people the REAL you and what you’re doing to better yourself every day with fitness. If fitness has ever helped you battle obesity, depression, anxiety, bulimia, addiction, mood swings, or any imperfection that you’ve had…share how fitness and Beachbody programs has helped you and is currently helping you.

Share your imperfections.

THAT is how people relate and connect with you.

People want to connect to someone that’s real and relatable. So please, don’t become a Coach if you think you’re perfect.

From there, you can invite the people that are inspired by you and want help with their fitness goals.  After connecting with them and hearing their goals, they go to your website and pick a program that works for their goals/time constraints/fitness interests/etc and they get to join our group.

It’s a pay it forward ripple effect that is NOT sales.

Beachbody Coaching is really sharing what works and then seeing those people THROUGH the programs versus just collecting dust on a shelf.

When our customers begin to realize that THEY TOO can inspire the people around them, they join your team as coaches and partner with all of us on the mission together. If they don’t want to coach, they stay in our groups until they reach their goals or find something else that works for them. If you have driven, amazing, inspiring, positive people in your life that would just flat out make a great coach — you can invite them to partner with you too!

For the most part…it’s all about helping.



The coach membership is always $15.95 a month, whether you go on to build a million dollar business or simply want to use it as a preferred customer for the savings. With this membership almost every product available (including Shakeology, the Performance line and all workouts) through Beachbody, you will receive at a 25% discount.

The membership includes a complete Coach Online Office that has 3 customizable pre-built online store websites for you to share products, sales and marketing tools, your own Coach Mobile App, reporting and organization functions and hundreds of hours of training — it’s essentially everything you need to build a coaching business.

That’s just what comes from Beachbody.

Enrolling with me includes a ton of other resources like my private Facebook groups, training calls, and all the tools and lessons I’ve gathered in building my business.

It’s one of the lowest overhead costs for any business I’ve heard of – especially with unlimited growth potential, and at the very least, will save you 25% on products that you buy continually through Beachbody.


Are there obligations beyond $15.95/month?

 There is no sales quota, no inventory, no requirements, no contract, no cancellation fee.

If starting a business is not for you, I certainly do not pressure any of my team to do anything more than love the discount and exist as a preferred customer unless their goals change later down the road.

What kind of training and support do you offer?

You will DEFINITELY NOT be on your own

. It’s important to know that I don’t help you build your business — you build your business, and I help — you set the pace, and I match that pace — but you are NEVER alone on this journey. In fact, the tools, trainings, groups, webinars, team calls and support system that we have is bigger and badder than most ever even imagine.

In the first month, we want you help you with the basics of Coaching; teach you how to share your story with confidence, how to connect with people, and most importantly help you reach your goal whether it’s income, serving others, or continuing to work on your own fitness goals first.

Afterwards we’ll move onto things like having a “CEO Mindset”, helping you make a game plan to success, and showing you how to lead a team of Coaches to duplicate what you’ve learned.

I want to assure you that if you take this business seriously – I take you seriously.

It’s my passion to help people who are positive, teachable, go-getters with a no excuse attitude to build whatever version of success works for their life. My team is my family, and although my fiancè I have seen some life-changing success in the last few years, we have a vision of where we’re going and bringing only those who have the same vision for themselves.


Prerequisites of Beachbody Coaching:

  1. Must be 18 or older

  2. Must live in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada or a U.S. military base.

  3. Must not be a Beachbody coach or currently working with a coach


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