Success Stories


Nicole Huckle, full-time mother of three had no time or extra money to learn how to eat healthy meals and couldn’t make it to the gym. After reaching 220 lbs and contemplating for months whether or not this would work, Nicole decided to give it a shot.

After 10 weeks of eating clean meals and exercising, she’s down 65 lbs and continues to make fitness apart of her lifestyle.




Sarah Maerecently had a baby and hated the way she looked in the mirror and felt in her jeans. She was constantly tired, feeling lazy, and wanted to be a better role model for her children.

After six weeks of exercising and eating healthy, she went from a size X-Large to a Medium!!



Dan Brucewas unhappy with his body and felt like he lost control of his life. After seeing results from testimonials, he just wanted to know if this could work for him as well. Dan decided to take control of his life again and was able to drop 100 lbs in 5 months!

His story is incredible and inspires many to join him as he works towards his next milestone – 150 lbs!



Katie Frigona mother of two who knew exactly what she had to do and wasn’t afraid of what people had to say. You know – that fear that most women think about lifting weights and fearing they “will go too manly”.

Katie crushes that fear and looks amazing as hell. Proud of you, homie!



Jacque Leduc, a former gym rat who thought these workouts were for….well, let’s just say he didn’t think these workouts were for him. Jacque decided to give it a try for 3 months and this is what happened.

Hell yeah, brother!!!




Mark MacBain, I can’t even begin to thank you for your hard work in the past 3 weeks of my online group. I remember how skeptic you were about trying something that was only 30 minutes a day, frustrated with the workouts you’ve tried in the past, not seeing the results you want but 100% ready for a major change in your life.




Rob Barber, a boss and a goal crusher. He wasn’t impressed with the gym routine and wanted something that could tell him what to eat and how much of it to eat in his meal plan. #igotyou



John Lost weights and inches in 3 weeks!

John Herrick, my hero. John decided to support his amazing wife and take on my Fitness  Group along with her. AND DUDE, check out how AMAZING his results were in the past THREE weeks of this program!!



Heather lost 27 inches total!

Heather Searfoss, a dedicated and hard working mother in my 3 week Fitness Group!! In her first two weeks.. I woke up to a text saying, “Just did the measurements…. Down 11lbs and 20.75 inches!!! GET THE F*CK OUTTA HERE!!!!!!”



Tara lost inches and weight with 25 minutes

Tara McCormick, a busy mother and New York State Trooper was fed up with how she looked in the mirror. She followed a 10 week program; 5 days a week and 25 minutes a day. Holy good God, awesome job!



Kristen lost 25 lbs in 5 weeks!

Kristen Janes, a busy mother of two needed to be healthy for her kids, and for herself. She didn’t like the looks she was getting from others, which was creating poor self esteem, but it was a lot more than that. She was 20 POUNDS heavier than she was when she was pregnant, couldn’t find clothes that fit, and her son was even joking around about being big. In her first 5 weeks, Kristen lost 25 pounds total.



Cindy lost 27 lbs in 3 months!

Cindy Allen,  was exhausted from my fulltime job, had no energy ever, drank 5 cups of coffee every day just to get some pep in my step, and the doctors were running several tests on her to figure out why she had gained weight that she did. She was eating healthy for the most part, but still needed answers. Cindy lost 27 lbs in 90 days!



Jacqueline lost 25 lbs!

Jacqueline Soukoup, had always been an athlete and stayed in shape and ate fairly healthy. After baby number 2, she fell off the band wagon for the first time EVER!!!!! After finishing two programs, she’s down 25lbs and SEVERAL inches….